The Maria Montessori of the Golden Gate COVID-19 protocols

We are living through unprecedented times during the Covid-19 , public health emergency. The Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate takes the health and safety of the students, family and staff very seriously. In accordance with SFPHD and the Community Care Licesing we have implemented all the guidelines.  It’s important that all MMGG families follow the recommendations from the local, state and federal health authorities to keep our school safe.

Teachers, Parents, and children must wear a face mask . We start our staggered drop off times as of 8:30 am. Pick up as of 2:50 pm .  Each child has a set drop off and pick up time . The parent meets the teacher at the front door . Followed by a temperature check and washing hands with hand sanitizer.  Followed by coming into the classroom and putting their bags down, and washing their hands with soap and water.

The classroom has been divided into two groups. The two groups do not co-mingle. The is a divider separating the two groups.

All Families and Staff are required to inform the school immediately if they are sick, show any signs of COVID-19 symptoms.

Anyone who has traveled must quarantine 14 days and get tested for Coronavirus before returning to school.

Please note we want to ensure that our small community is all working together.