Who Is Dr. Ursula Thrush?

The late Dr. Ursula Thrush, Ph.D. phil., mastermind behind this project, championed Maria Montessori’s teachings for over 30 years and is the founder of the Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. Her powerful spirit and dedication to┬áMaria Montessori’s vision was awe inspiring. Ursula’s eagerness to teach Montessori values was not only limited to the children, all of which she loved dearly, but also to adults. Starting in 1972 she taught and trained parents, teachers and employers about the benefits of fostering the development of physically, mentally and spiritually balanced children. Dr. Thrush personally appointed all of the current Directors and Head Teachers at the Maria Montessori School of the Golden Gate. All of us here are very proud of our founder and also so very fortunate that we are able to carry on her life’s work.

“It is you, the children that will lead us to global peace and the brotherhood of humans.” – Dr. Thrush

Dr. Thrush also authored many books and developed teaching aids.


  • 1972–Founded Maria Montessori School and Teacher Training Center, San Francisco.
  • 1977–Founded Maria Montessori Farmschool Erdkinder, Half Moon Bay.
  • 1982–Founded Montessori Institute, Childcare in the Workplace, San Francisco.
  • 1989–Founded The Science of Peace Task Force.
  • 1997–Co-founded the Montessori Peace Academy.

Publications and Teaching Aids

  • Cosmic Education according to Montessori
  • The Montessori Elementary Curriculum
  • Peace Curriculum for Preschool
  • Maria Montessori Farmschool Erdkinder
  • Peace 101: The introduction of Peace Education as a mandatory subject of education.
  • Key Experiences of Peace Ed
  • The Peace Table
  • Peace 101 the CDROM

All of the above can be purchased directly from the MMSGG. Please call (415) 731-8188.